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Corporate Services

I'm very excited to work with you! I have spent the last 3 years working for a university and learning the ropes of marketing. I know finding a photographer and videographer is an important decision to best advertise your business. Below, please see the services I offer to ensure your business has the best possible marketing media. Have a look and see what you'd like for your next project or advertisement. 


If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.


Films & Drone Work

Marketing videos are a fantastic way to get a lot of information + visuals out to your audience in an engaging way! We can work together to come up with a script, shot list, and plan for creating a film that best showcases your business or event. I also have my FAA Drone Pilot's License which means I'm specifically certified to fly drones commercially! Want an idea of all services I offer? Take a look below! 

Services to choose from include:

-Filming: filming b-roll, droning, capturing voiceovers/interviews, covering live events

-Editing: color grading, piecing together footage, audio work, animating logos

-Planning & Prep: shot lists, script writing, mood boards, and vision meetings

-Administrative Tasks: captioning, YouTube SEO, formatting videos for socials 


Photos of your product, service, or yourself are essential to showing off what you provide! And in an age of digital media it's important to have professional photos that stand out from the crowd! Services for corporate photography include:

-Drone photography: aerials of your business or event

-Headshots: let's give your clients a face behind your brand

-Product photography: professional photos showcasing your sales

-Service photography: professional photos showcasing the services you offer

-Event photography: photos covering and showcasing  your event